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Secure Permission to Collect Data AND Transfer the Data



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    • Secure Permission to Collect Data AND Transfer the Data (UI)


      As Ryan, the IT Leader and the person in charge of providing secure IT practices in my organization, I want to know exactly what data leaves my domain before it does so that I can protect the interest of my internal and external customers.

      This should be recorded in a way that can be tracked. Database preferred.

      It should explicitly collect the date and name of the person authorizing the data collection.

      This story or sub-epic will include stories for the following, and will be considered complete when we can:

      • Explain what data we are collecting.  (See Situation Data Transfer Prototype).
      • Explain that agreeing will also agree to the generic data collection done by OpenNMS (provide a notice similar to that).
      • Writes to the database (or wherever we store the permission data).
      • The GUI provides a way to rescind the permission. The user is explained that they can rescind at any time.
      • The usual Done, Done criteria (automated testing, documented, QA, etc...)

      This story does not need:

      • Actual data to be transferred to be considered complete.
      Questions or Stories to Create Main Contact
      What we are collecting (list) (Check with ALEC-112) Gerardo
      How do we generalize the data (inventory objects may be different, alarm descriptions may be different).  
      Plan or mechanism for asking for permission again if we change the list of things we collect. Gerardo
      We can only ask administrators for permission.  So data transfers will be paused until administrator approves.  (A regular user may be logging in just to see situations).  
      How long do we keep the data?  
      How frequently do we transfer data?  
      How do we buffer the data?  
      Where and how do we store the agreement from the user?  
      How do we ask the user again for permission when a new list of items collected is available?  (Versioning)?  
      How do I actually code the questions - related ALEC-108.  


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