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    • Situation Data Transfer Prototype (Backend)


      The objective of this effort is to develop a feedback mechanism. Storing situations will be on demand. When a situation is accepted/approved by user then its stored. We collect information from its alarms and inventory objects they are associated with.

      We must understand:

      • The actual data being transferred will change over time, as we learn what is important.
      • The format we use to store this data will also change over time.

      To start we should collect the information in ALEC-115.

      Stories for back-end and front-end have been created. They are first iterations/drafts. More grooming might be required as we go.

      Done criteria for epic:

      • We have a feedback mechanism from the front end. For example: button on a pop up ¬†or settings section where we can accept/deny a situation.
      • We have a feedback mechanism from the back end. Triggered by the front-end, we collect all data of situation and store it somewhere(ideally cloud, but we don't know yet).
      • Stored data can be accessed and used for data analysis.
      • It only sends if user has given permission as per ALEC-110.
      • Documentation.

      This story does not need:

      • Actually analyze the data.


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