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Grafana Location Dashboard - Flows



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      Data Source: OpenNMS Flows

      Check if location is currently in the Opennms Preformance datasource (if not, update the datasource to include location).

      Add new location variable to filter Performance datasource panels by location (Similar to flows dashboard)


      Original requirement:

      Ability to filter nodes consistently across all Helm data sources

      • User Story: A Grafana user can navigate to a dashboard, select a monitoring location from a template variable drop-down, and see all the graphs update with data from the selected monitoring location.
      • Priority: High
      • Acceptance Criteria:
        • Either one of the following:
          • All three data sources (Entities, Performance, Flows) can be used to create a template variable, filterable by node criteria
          • Node filter templating is moved solely to the Entities data source, accepting full node criteria syntax, and additionally can select nodes by having flows (ingress, egress, or both)
        • Queries across all data sources accept nodes in both nodeid format and “fs:fid” (foreign source: foreign id) format.
      • Additional Information:
        • Entity Data Source
          • Template Query: “nodes()” returns all nodes, with no filtering, and in “fs:fid” format
          • Panel Query: accepts nodes in both nodeid and “fs:fid” format
        • Performance Data Source
          • Template Query: “nodeFilter()” returns all nodes matching the filter criteria, in “fs:fid” format, but cannot filter based on presence of flow data
          • Panel Query: accepts nodes in both nodeid and “fs:fid” format
        • Flow Data Source
          • Template Query: “exporterNodesWithFlows()” returns all nodes with flow data, in nodeid format
          • Panel Query: only accepts nodes in nodeid format


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