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    • GT-1 Default Display


      Show a user a simple visualization of monitoring data when he logged in with his account. The information is split into two tables, the measurements for RPC latency and service state for "Minions" is shown in his own table for the use case of self-monitoring purposes. The user wants to see if the system is deployed and functioning properly so he can start adding devices to the monitoring system.


      Self-monitoring of the built-in Minion component:

      • Name of the Minion
      • Location the Minion is associated to, right now, there is only one location "Default"
      • The last RPC latency measurement
      • The last test result from the RPC test

      The second table contains network devices monitored from Horizon Stream via SNMP and should show the following information:

      • The human-readable name of the device
      • The SNMP system description
      • The last ICMP latency measurement and color-coded test result for (UKNOWN, OK or FAILED)
      • The last test result from the SNMP agent test (UNKNOWN, OK or FAILED)

      The test result from a test can be color-coded

      • Green (OK): which is the test was successful, the service is available and is working
      • Gray (UNKNOWN): unknown state, no test result available
      • Red (FAILED): the last test failed and the service is not working as expected

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