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Update Jest library to version 5.3.3



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    • Fix Version/s: 22.0.0
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      We may consider updating to the latest JEST version.

      At the moment we are using version 2.0.3 the current version is 5.3.3
      See https://github.com/searchbox-io/Jest/releases

      The changelog is as follows (they don't offer an official changelog....)

      Jest [master●] % git log --oneline v2.0.3..v5.3.3 | grep -iv merge
      30cfb27 v5.3.3
      93826c7 fix compile error
      5be73be Fix error handling of MultiSearchResult.MultiSearchResponse
      9f058cb Add test for content type of MultiSearch
      30f4cfe Set correct Content-Type header for Multi Search
      a7cddb9 Ensure JSON query string doesn't contain newlines in MultiSearch
      f9a7c80 remove redundant code
      b8fa129 implement _parent and _routing parsing #543
      c19aed8 ES5 support for _update_by_query.
      6a297a1 Added support for the update_by_query action
      548ae7c Run in VM instead of container on Travis CI
      5df88aa Fix NodesStatsIntegrationTest
      49e05b7 Make JestClient auto-closable
      e5fb7b8 Fix MultiSearchIntegrationTest
      7fb637b Use Long (instead of Integer) for number of total results
      c7675fd add new gson param for custom deserializer #536
      57d7690 implement Children Aggregation support #534
      5fcc83e fiz version
      95be127 Cast getValue to the expected type inline for readability.
      184f944 Changed TasksInformation builder so that task identifier is optional, and refactored taskId into task hoping to make it clearer that it regards the "node_id:task_id" string rather than the task_id int
      eaebbd2 Added integration test for the task information action
      d163e58 Added task information action, currently only supports getting a specific task's info
      d73e8f3 add private final
      e28f384 add private final
      70713f7 add rollover action
      7493ee5 set next snapshot version v5.3.3-SNAPSHOT
      0cca426 set release version 5.3.2
      742e860 Upgrade to LittleProxy 1.1.2
      2949e5c Upgrade to JsonAssert 1.5.0
      fe1306c Upgrade to Mustache 0.9.4
      e874b9f Upgrade to SLF4J 1.4.25
      bf83b7c Upgrade to Guava 21.0
      d357ab5 Upgrade to Apache HttpCore NIO 4.4.6
      8a7fdc9 Upgrade to Apache HttpClient 4.5.3
      795dc8c Upgrade to Apache HttpAsyncClient 4.1.3
      6eb39e4 Upgrade to Gson 2.8.0
      2c279e3 Ensure fully connected cluster in NodesStatsIntegrationTest
      9a89925 Don't reuse JVM forks in tests
      5630d16 Use Oracle JDK 8 instead of OpenJDK 8
      0d3bfd9 Make adding metadata fields in SearchResult optional
      0cdd40a Remove Apache Commons Lang3 dependency
      accca15 Add support for custom request config per request
      a5e780a Make adding metadata fields to JestResult optional
      f267dab Add support for simple "ping" (root resource)
      124d386 Support track_scores in Search while performing Sort https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/search-request-sort.html#_track_scores
      4cfcb51 Add support for indices flush parameters
      7668a0f Make Health.Status and Health.Level public
      2d3989b Support unmapped_type in Sort https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/search-request-sort.html#_ignoring_unmapped_fields
      5d285d4 Add support for checking for existence of aliases
      73cb4b0 Add Maven build profile for Travis CI
      c6340c5 Use JNA during tests
      0e9e59d Fix StatsIntegrationTest#clusterStatsWithSpecificNodes
      130786b Add support for pending cluster tasks
      8e8bf65 Add support for cluster stats API
      6c79a15 Update .travis.yml
      e9e3965 Add support for various parameters to Health
      2a34a76 issue-489: Update SearchScroll for large scroll_ids
      dc11973 Upgrade to Elasticsearch 5.3.0
      77c1cbd Ensure consistent cluster state in NodesStatsIntegrationTest
      907f73c Increase Jest read timeout for slower machines
      96a7ed7 Temporarily disable RerouteIntegrationTest#cancelAndAllocate()
      ffbaeaf Fix MultiSearchIntegrationTest
      444f35f Fix ValidateIntegrationTest
      a8a04b1 Fix SearchIntegrationTest and SearchTest
      453020d Fix PercolateIntegrationTest
      7cf7fee Fix SearchTemplateIntegrationTest
      5d1a735 Fix SearchScrollIntegrationTest
      8be6ac7 Fix JestHttpClientConfiguredProxyIntegrationTest
      82eb77f Fix PutMappingIntegrationTest
      e926877 Implement "ip_range" type and fix Ipv4RangeAggregationIntegrationTest
      64fb617 Remove deprecated "clear" flag from NodesStats
      31e035e Fix UpdateIntegrationTest
      eda9d11 Fix CardinalityAggregationIntegrationTest
      ab6d68f Fix ReindexIntegrationTest
      1ebbe91 Fix DateRangeAggregationIntegrationTest
      aefd825 Fix SignificantTermsAggregationIntegrationTest
      daeb956 Fix TermsAggregationIntegrationTest
      db1e2c1 Fix Analyze.Builder#filter(String)
      6edafbd Fix ScriptedMetricAggregationIntegrationTest
      b788ee6 Fix JestHttpClientSystemWideProxyIntegrationTest
      850f7ef Fix JestClientFactoryIntegrationTest
      60623de Fix CreateIndexIntegrationTest
      3d6caec Fix CreateIndexedScriptIntegrationTest
      82829ab Fix DeleteIndexedScriptIntegrationTest
      2bbed32 Fix GetIndexedScriptIntegrationTest
      e8a26fc Use Oracle JDK8 on Travis CI
      c1916b1 Replace HTTP GET requests with body by POST requests
      335cc38 Fix RerouteAllocateReplicaTest and RerouteTest
      21e73fd Updated the Heading of the Readme.md
      23eb0dc 5.x fix required
      a43b535 Simple correction in the documentation
      19fe7b5 add redundant empty line
      ce178f9 change version name to jest origin <version>5.0.0-SNAPSHOT</version>
      c951692 change version name to release 5.0.0-Logzio-1
      913bf84 change version name back to logzio
      a7091be change version name
      6fb729f Add cat segments
      6ba7108 change version to jest version 5.0.0-SNAPSHOT
      ebcb80d set next snapshot version v=5.0.0-SNAPSHOT
      ccc53cb set release version 2.4.0
      6a1cef2 Update README.md
      f71f7f7 Updated DeleteByQueryIntegrationTest
      6ee60a4 DeleteByQuery updated to ES 5
      3788ce3 Clarifying the importance of setting conn limits
      a7aa5c5 rename method:  addIndex -> addIndices
      174f20c NodeChecker to support v5
      a5bfdfe renamed method addType -> addTypes
      d0e8e80 Replaced .addType("tweet") by .addIndex("tweet")
      c3e8eea Reroute endpoints: RerouteIntegrationTest wait until instead of Thread.sleep
      6303a66 reroute comments
      fe507ef cat shards, cat nodes, reroute
      7c8cf70 cat shards, cat nodes, reroute
      9d3f1a7 Reroute endpoints: RerouteTest to include cancel and allocate actions
      917c83b Reroute endpoints: fix comment
      f6fc774 Reroute endpoints
      1c40aa5 Cat shards, nodes
      e223f2f Fix NodeChecker to work with elastic search version 5
      eb9db05 remove duplicate 'lang-groovy' dependency in jest/pom.xml
      49768db clean up imports
      e89714b reindex integration test final
      d959e9a add reindex API integration test
      b3f150b Add reindex API support (fix #436)
      44f5513 fix version
      b2d2b3b moved multisearch response test inside of MultiSearchTest
      4194788 ES 2.4.3, java 7
      770200b add cat nodes and cat shards
      ec7baa5 Fix issue parsing multi-get error messages
      be4dc31 set next snapshot version v2.0.5-SNAPSHOT
      4c8e9fe set release version 2.0.4
      21ed50b Revert "2.0.5-SNAPSHOT"
      4f4454f 2.0.5-SNAPSHOT
      b9da392 Expose _id in SearchResult.Hit
      baec742 Expose _id in SearchResult.Hit
      59b49c0 added missing import
      02a26b1 Added integration test
      35fe959 Fix #426 - Make BulkIntegrationTest more stable
      9fa8327 Use jsonassert and query ordering to make the tests more stable
      9825e04 Support Elasticsearch permissive syntax for sort and _source
      e48e920 Fix #421 - Avoid decimal and scientific notation for longs
      a3c32ec Change version number
      1d44d0a Add doc comments
      b6f79e0 Change version number
      2133a26 Add doc comments
      086d399 Change version number
      f7eee54 Add test to removeCleanApiParameter method
      5a75c59 Add ES5 support to indices stats action
      f9aa762 ensure raw class works as well with meta annotations
      b634661 Support for _source filtering #413
      cdb5baa Add accept header to _cat api calls
      14c2d9c GH-417 Add accept header to _cat API requests to support both previous version and ES 5
      8eb9df3 Update version
      660cdfd Update pom.xml
      a5b9879 Update pom.xml
      0373471 GH-415 Cleanup old code
      4de015b GH-415 Change CreateIndex method to PUT
      08ab159 issue-412 - close processed http response stream (could be easier with Java 7)
      a49c245 Look for meta fields also in superclasses
      cd5652a Remove ES 1.x parameters from the Optimize command
      5c17309 Update default Gson to support long values.
      24b0bf1 Verify that broken responses do not cause a hang
      c94aeb5 Run FailingProxy test on dynamically chosen port number
      3c1eb89 In executeAsync, call fail(e) on all exceptions, not just IOException
      e628194 Handle responses that are not a proper JSON Object
      01208a8 Make target hosts final.
      29f02d5 Add unit test to verify newly added getKeyAsString method
      02a780d Surface "key-as-string" attribute for TermsAggregation
      146edae added parameters per search in MultiSearch
      e07ea33 fix example that does not work
      b791389 Fix indentation.
      bac5179 Fixed missed fields in equals & hashcode, fixed formatting.
      5c8fd32 Add additional Elasticsearch result fields to BulkResultItem.  Added tests.
      62e0a6a Support multiple target hosts
      93f3c48 Fix NPE in NodeChecker when elasticsearch is down and the node checker is run for the first time.
      f34fa45 set next snapshot version
      f8fc99b DocTest - change test testConstructionWithNullType
      394c0c0 Add Doc type as optional




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