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OpenNMS Integration with cloud-hosted Cassandra



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    • Debian 10 OS, with DataStax DSE hosted in GCP


      Dear all


      We are currently in the process of activating an OpenNMS instance in GCP with a Cassandra cluster as the back-end.

      For Cassandra the managed offering has been selected based on DataStax DSE.


      However, we are currently not able to integrate them due to the following feedback offered from the vendor itself:


      The problem you have is that the OpenNMS newts configuration is not initialising the connection to the Astra database correctly - OpenNMS does not appear to be invoking the driver properly.
      You can see an example of using the the driver to connect to an Astra database here - the properties for the Newts configuration would need to support the connection properties detailed there.
      Looking at the Newts configuration guide here it appears OpenNMS only supports a traditional Cassandra configuration rather than the cloud-hosted Astra configuration. 
      The github page here suggests the same.There are no additional parameters I can see at this reference to indicate Astra is supported. 
      Are you able to speak to anyone at OpenNMS regarding whether it is possible to include the configuration information in the OpenNMS class when the driver is invoked, ie this?
      Additionally, you would need to update the version of the java driver being called to one that supports Astra, you are using driver version 3.5 currently:14:31:43.806 [Main] INFO  com.datastax.driver.core - DataStax Java driver 3.5.0 for Apache CassandraThe minimum version that would support Astra is 3.8.0, as discussed here.



      The provided links can be found below:

      We would be more than happy to assist in this in our environment if anything is required for the resolution of this issue.



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