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Merge User and Admin Guide




      We have split up the documentation in three roles:

      • User
      • Administrator
      • Developer

      The split between user and administrators is adding confusion, overhead and make things harder to find.


      The meaning of User and Administrator in OpenNMS world is to overloaded with the meaning in the domain it is used. An Administrator, in general, is a person who operates a computer network and "uses" OpenNMS. An Administrator in OpenNMS is a specific user who just configures OpenNMS to solve specific monitoring requirements. A user in generic terms, on the other hand, is someone who is working with the computer network whereas a "User" in OpenNMS terms is someone working in a NOC and just uses the monitoring functionalities provided by an OpenNMS Administrator.
      In most cases, the OpenNMS Administrator and OpenNMS User is the same person and this makes it hard to distinguish. To make things easier for our users both guides should be merged into one. This makes it also harder for people to contribute to documentation cause the target group is fuzzy and makes things error-prone, see Configuration sections in the User guide which are clearly need to be in the Admin Guide

      It is hard to identify topics to place in one or another / both, e.g. http://docs.opennms.org/opennms/releases/22.0.0/guide-user/#_creating_views_for_users_and_groups


      We have to duplicate introduction content for similar topics and need write them in a slightly different way for the target group.


      For the reasons mentioned in the topic addressing confusion, it is harder to find things cause they are split up into two parts.


      User guide removed from Maven modules
      Remove guide-user when installed from RPM Package
      Remove guide-user when installed from DEB Package
      Remove link when published to docs.opennms.org
      Remove link guide-user in the Web UI in "Admin -> Help"




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