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Event parameters table have strong limits for the columns



    • Horizon - January 9th 2019, Horizon - January 23rd 2019


      Originally, the event parameters were defined on a single column named eventparms, and the content was an encoded value of the key/value pairs that represent the parameters (without limits). This was changed, and now the event parameters live on their own table.

      Unfortunately, the schema of that table is not consistent with the old behavior, as now both, the name and the value that represent a parameter have a string limit on their respective length, which didn't exist before.

      This prevents customers to upgrade to a newer version, hence the following support ticket:


      And of course, the ability to be consistent with the old behavior. Here is why:

      1) For SNMP Traps, the Parameter Name is an OID. It is impossible to know the maximum length of this field.
      2) For any parameter, it is impossible to know the length of the value.
      The only possible workaround is to modify the schema to change the type of each column to be "text" instead of "varchar(256)", with the promise that future versions will be consistent with this change.

      The name of the parameters is the only column that should be updated, as the value is already set as "text". If it cannot be text, I would say make it "varchar(512)" or bigger.




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