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Replace GWT and improve Dashboard



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      Dashboard Improvements


      In Network Operation Centers NOC an overview about issues in the network is important and often described as Dashboards. Large networks have people (Operator) with different responsibilities and the Dashboard should show only information for a given monitoring context. Network or Server operator have a need to customize or filter information on the Dashboard. A Dashboard as an At-a-glance overview is also often used to give an entry point for more detailed diagnosis through the information provided by the monitoring system. The Surveillance View is used to model the monitoring context and filters the information for the Dashboard components.

      Each component represents a specific use case:

      • Surveillance View: Allows to model a monitoring context for the Dashboard.
      • Alarms: Shows unacknowledged Alarms which should be escalated by an Operator.
      • Notifications: Shows outstanding and unacknowledged notifications sent to Engineers.
      • Node Status: Shows all ongoing network Outages.
      • Resource Graph Viewer: Shows performance time series reports for performance diagnosis.

      The replacement is driven by the following motivation:

      • Widely used feature by customers and the code base must be improved to improve and add new features
      • Harmonize technology by removing GWT and move to Vaadin
      • Cleanup services and code for given UI components
      • Improve usability
      • Allow users to configure Surveillance Views through the Web UI




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