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Detect and help resolve Karaf bootstrap issues



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      The embedded Karaf container will fail to start if the configuration files are not merged properly or if any of the features fails to install. Given that we're using the Karaf container to provide more and more services we should make it easier to detect and remedy container bootstrap issues.

      Some common startup problems include:

      1. Wrong version strings in etc/org.apache.karaf.features.cfg
      2. Invalid features in featuresBoot
      3. Corrupt state in data/

       Symptoms of these include:

      1. Vaadin applications not accessible in the WebUI
      2. telemetryd failing to start (relies on services exposed by Karaf)


      I propose that we:

      1. Make startup fail and exit with an exception if the Karaf container fails to start, or if any of the features listed in the featuresBoot property of etc/org.apache.karaf.features.cfg fail to be installed.
      2. Provide a shell script or command line utility that can be used to reset Karaf container related configuration files to package defaults (found in share/etc-pristine/) and clear the container state (data/ excluding data/history.txt). Karaf container configuration files include:
        1. jmx.*.cfg
        2. org.apache.*.cfg
        3. org.ops4j.pax.*.cfg
        4. profile.cfg

      When failing to start due to the Karaf container, the exception should help clarify the cause, point to logs/karaf.log and provide a reference to the script.





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