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Discovery and foreignSource service detection get in the way



    • Horizon 2019 - November 20th, Horizon 2019 - November 27th, Horizon 2019 - December 11th, Horizon 2020 - January 8th, Horizon 2020 - January 22nd


      The discovery feature seems to use the default-foreign-source.xml before it adds the discovered nodes into a requisition.

      I my test I've set up a discovery and choose a requisition mgmt that has only 2 service detectors. ICMP and SNMP.
      It leads one to suspect that the detectors of mgmt requisition will be used.
      But the discovered nodes get all detectors of default-foreign-source.xml assigned before they get added into the requisition.

      The behavior is unexpected since I am also able to choose no requisition in the discovery and then I could understand why the default-foreign-source.xml is taken.


      Discovery config:

      ForeignSource config:

      Node in mgmt with more than SNMP and ICMP detected:

      I suggest to ignore the default-foreign-source.xml in the discovery part when a requisition is selected.

      The current workaround to avoid this behavior is to define only ICMP in the default-foreign-source.xml and define for each requisition a different foreignSource definition with detectors you need.


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