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Add the full trap oid for v2 snmp event



    • Horizon 2021 - Aug 4 - 18
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      In the case of SNMPv2 traps, the replacement token %id% currently shows only the enterprise id. For example,sending a ciscoIfExtensionMIBNotifications will yield


      [root@horizon events]# snmptrap -v2c -c public localhost 0 . . s test
      opennms=> select eventid,eventsnmp,eventuei from events ORDER BY eventid desc;
       eventid | eventsnmp | eventuei
       240 | .,undefined,v2,1,6,public | uei.opennms.org/traps/CISCO-IF-EXTENSION-MIB/cieLinkDown


      Log Message

      id = . generic=6 specific=1 SNMP version=v2 SNMP info=.,undefined,v2,1,6,public

      Notice that the sub-id 0 is disregarded by OpenNMS. One of our customer's use case is to parse the Log Message field of an event for the full trap oid instead where full trap oid is enterprise id + sub-id + specific id. Many vendors but not all adopt the convention where sub-id = 0. For examples,

      Fortigate - https://oidref.com/

      F5 - http://oidref.com/

      Cisco - http://oidref.com/

      Since OpenNMS %id% token is only displaying the enterprise id and there's no other way to display the full trap id without manually hardcoding most of the event files, customer is not able to make use of parsing the logmsg field as parsing the full trap id is required. It would be helpful for customer if one additional token can be added to distinguish between the more generic %id% token and the more SNMPv2 specific full trap oid token.


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