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TEST: Provisiond configuration upgrade from release-29 to release-30



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      Feature scope 

      One key change in release-30 is the migration of data in $OPENNMS/etc/provisiond-configuration.xml to a Liquid base database.   Once the system is upgraded to release-30, user manage configuration changes via either a REST API or via a new UI available under UI preview.  Provisiond will be automatically reloaded to pick up updates but otherwise had not changed in release-30.

      This Jira task is to test the upgrade path with valid data and ensuring that after the upgrade external requisitions still work.

      Tests should cover all 4 import handlers with basic valid sample data 

      • DNS import handler
      • File import handler
      • HTTP/HTTPs import handler
      • vmware import handler

      The sample data should include data with

      • IPv4 and hostname
      • IPv6
      • with/without url encoded data
      • simple and more advanced cron
      • different scanning options
      • locations
      • expression

      The general test flow involves:

      • release-29 system
      • import handler in provisiond-configuration.xml proven to work
      • upgrade to release-30
      • check that the import handler can be retrieved via REST API
      • external import handler is visible in the new UI
      • external requisition runs successfully in release-30 

      Some customers have very large provisiond-configuration.xml so a test should be run with a large file

      • Large provisiond-configuration.xml file with 1000 entries

      Test will be run against 1 Linux variant (more if time permits):

      • Centos 8
      • Ubuntu LTS
      • Docker 
      • Centos 7


      Related to this story but considered outside the scope of testing for this test task:

      • This task is specific to upgrades only
      • New installation, UI testing, REST API testing ....
      • Upgrades from releases older than release-29 as provisiond-configuration.xml has not changed in recent years.


      Test Environment

      To confirm that external requisitions are working as intended, setup 
      DNS server supporting XFR. (ex: powerdns, bind)
      HTTP server with PRIS
      File (build with PRIS)
      VMware with vSphere access (rely on ?) 


      If possible this needs to be converted to a smoke test that can be run as part of release process.




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