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      Add the following content to the Development section of the documentation. Some of this content can be reworked from the readme file on GitHub (https://github.com/OpenNMS/opennms-integration-api).

      1. Topic: Develop plugins with the OpenNMS Integration API (OIA)
        1. Introduction to OIA (what it is, etc.)
          1. This is the existing marketing content (perhaps alter a bit to be less marketing):

      "The OpenNMS Integration API implements a software development kit that provides a stable base to build plugins to extend the configuration of OpenNMS, consume its outputs, and expose expanded functionality.

      With OIA 1.0, plugin developers can be confident that their code will work with future releases, with no recompilation needed. OIA offers semantic versioning, which provides clear guarantees for version compatibility.

      OpenNMS has always featured a wealth of integration points, making it a solid platform on which to build exactly the monitoring solution an organization needs. OIA clearly identifies, documents, and provides ongoing compatibility guarantees for those integration points, so plugin creators can write code that targets a clear set of interfaces and works with a broad range of OpenNMS releases. As OIA adoption increases, users will benefit from an ecosystem of plugins that can be built more quickly, validated more easily, and assured to work with future releases of OpenNMS."

        1. Summary of features (see readme file). - reference to Java docs for more information.
        2. How to start a new project with OIA.
        3. How to install it on OpenNMS Minion/Sentinel.
      1. Update the development/development.adoc intro file to include this new topic in the bulleted list.
      2. Add the topic to the development nav file.


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