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Document new UI features in H30



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      Document new UI features not covered by existing Jira tickets:

      1. File Editor
      2. Log File Viewer
      3. API explorer

      File Editor

      Add topic in Reference section. "Manage .xml and .cfg files from the UI"

      • Overview of this feature, why it's important
      • How to access the file editor
      • Step-by-step how to edit a file
        • note that you can search for the file you want to edit
      • What the reset option does (revert to previous version or original version?)
      • Explain small icons:
        • click to show modified files only (as of 21/4/22, not possible to go back to seeing all files)
        • scroll to selected file (does not seem to work)

      In addition, search for areas in the documentation where we mention editing the xml files, and add a note that one can now do this through the UI.

      Log File Viewer

      Add "View Log Files" topic in Operation>Admin>Logging>introduction.adoc (in progress, see NMS-8861).

      • Overview - describe what is displayed here, note search functionality
      • How to view files

      Is there a way to purge the logs in the UI? How long are they available?

      API Explorer

      Add "Rest API Explorer" topic in the Development>Rest API>rest-api.adoc

      • Overview: you can views endpoints and API reference documentation in the UI. Why this is important
        • "The documentation provides information on the available operations and their parameters, and also lets you try some of the operations in that setting."
      • How to access it.


      Administrative Web Interface update

      Add new topic to the end of the operation/admin/webui/ section: "UI Preview"

      UI Preview

      Click the UI Preview button to access our new user interface based on modern web technologies including FeatherDS and Vue3.  You can access the following features in the new UI: editing configuration files, viewing log files, device configuration backup, and navigating and calling the Rest API.

      (Make links to each of the topics elsewhere in the docs for the work on these UI features earlier in this description.)







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