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TEST: Provisioning config UI / thread pool sizes



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      Feature scope

      The new Provisiond config UI enables users to adjust the sizes of the Provisiond thread pools.

      This Jira task describes a testing methodology for this specific portion of the new config UI.

      Tests should cover the four pools with both sane and unexpected input values:

      • Scan threads
      • Rescan threads
      • Import threads
      • Write threads

      The default sizes of these thread pools are fairly conservative and are commonly increased on larger systems. Sane ranges for these pool sizes might be:

      • Scan and rescan: 10 (default) – 1000
      • Import and write: 8 (default) – 100

      Upon changing the size of one or more pools and applying the changes, the following must happen on the system:

      • The new values are reflected in the /rest/cm/provisiond/default config entry
      • The user is presented with a long-lived snack bar element indicating that OpenNMS needs to be restarted for changes to the thread pool sizes to take effect.

      Test will be run against 1 Linux variant (more if time permits):

      • Centos 8
      • Ubuntu LTS
      • Docker 
      • Centos 7

      Related to this story but considered outside the scope of testing for this test task:

      • This task is limited to the front-end UI and the /rest/cm/provisiond/default config entry.
      • Validating that the Provisiond service daemon does the right thing upon restart is out of scope for this task.


      Test environment

      No extra dependencies beyond a working installation of Horizon



      If possible this task should be converted to a smoke test that can be run as part of release process.


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