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Test provisioning config UI / external requisitions



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      Test the new config UI for the provisioning subsystem. This UI appears in the New UI Preview context. This task covers only the external requisitions portion of the UI.
      Feature scope 

      One key change in release-30 is the addition of both a REST API and a new UI available under UI preview for editing external requisitions. Provisiond will be automatically reloaded to pick up updates but otherwise had not changed in release-30.

      This Jira task is to test a that, on a new install, external requisitions work as expected.

      Tests should cover all 4 import handlers with basic valid sample data (same as NMS-14106):

      • DNS import handler
      • File import handler
      • HTTP/HTTPs import handler
      • vmware import handler

      Note: Generic handlers must be added and updated using the REST API. 

      The sample data should include data with (same as NMS-14106):

      • IPv4 and hostname
      • IPv6
      • with/without url encoded data
      • simple and more advanced cron
      • different scanning options
      • locations
      • expression

      The general test flow involves (subset of NMS-14106, omitting upgrade steps):

      • install release-30 fresh
      • check that the import handler can be retrieved via REST API
      • external import handler is visible in the new UI
      • external requisition runs successfully in release-30 

      The UI should also prevent invalid data from being provisioning and return a meaningful error message.
      Such as:

      • Hostname: Invalid IPv4, invalid hostname
      • Invalid cron format

      Note: Data validation is also performed at the xsd layer.  Not all errors might be prevented but most common ones should.

      The UI is based on the Feather components (Vue3) and some test will cover general usability:

      • Look and feel, consistency, brand colours. handling of browser width (ex: 1024), 
      • Text, wording, capitalization, syntax.

      Refer to https://confluence.internal.opennms.com/pages/viewpage.action?spaceKey=PE&title=Cleanup+work for a list of items that were addressed during the release-30 development

      Some customers have very large numbers of external requisitions so a test should be run with many of these entries

      Test will be run against 1 Linux variant (more if time permits):

      • Centos 8
      • Ubuntu LTS
      • Docker 
      • Centos 7


      Related to this story but considered outside the scope of testing for this test task:

      • Upgrades are covered under NMS-14106
      • Provisiond thread pool size editing functionality is covered under NMS-14263


      Test Environment

      To confirm that external requisitions are working as intended, setup 
      DNS server supporting XFR. (ex: powerdns, bind)
      HTTP server with PRIS
      File (build with PRIS)
      VMware with vSphere access (rely on ?) 


      If possible this needs to be converted to a smoke test that can be run as part of release process.


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