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Provisiond - simple TCP detector fails to detect services



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      Debian Linux - 2.6.26-1-amd64 #1 SMP x86_64 GNU/Linux
      OpenNMS 1.8.1 from from the ONMS deb repo

      Provisiond fails to find open TCP ports defined using the simple TCP detector.

      Stock installation, no config changes apart from a provisioning group and a custom foreign source "Printers".

      In the foreign source for the provisoining group Printers I have an entry:

      <detector class="org.opennms.netmgt.provision.detector.simple.TcpDetector" name="IPP">
      <parameter value="*" key="banner"/>
      <parameter value="631" key="port"/>
      <parameter value="3000" key="timeout"/>
      <parameter value="2" key="retries"/>

      I can then add a simple node definition to the provisioning group:

      <node node-label="print01" foreign-id="1279287949812" building="Printer">
      <interface status="1" snmp-primary="P" ip-addr="" descr="main">
      <monitored-service service-name="SNMP"/>
      <monitored-service service-name="ICMP"/>

      Please note that I'm deliberately only defining ICMP and SNMP, so that the rest of the services are detected, not provisioned.

      If I then import the provisioning group, it fails to detect the IPP service. In fact any service I define using the Simple TcpDetector seems to fail to be detected, but other such as HTTP are found.

      As a sanity check, I nmap the printer from the same host that runs ONMS:

      Starting Nmap 4.11 ( http://www.insecure.org/nmap/ ) at 2010-07-16 15:26 BST
      Interesting ports on print1.mydom.com (
      Not shown: 1668 closed ports
      25/tcp open smtp
      80/tcp open http
      443/tcp open https
      515/tcp open printer
      631/tcp open ipp
      1521/tcp filtered oracle
      1522/tcp filtered rna-lm
      1523/tcp filtered cichild-lm
      1524/tcp filtered ingreslock
      1525/tcp filtered orasrv
      8000/tcp open http-alt
      9100/tcp open jetdirect

      There we see TCP:631 is open, and I can also telnet/nc to it.

      If I tcpdump the traffic during the provisioning/detection stage on teh ONMS server, I see nothing unusual. In fact I see some promising interaction, a three way handshake to start a connection on that port, followed by a four way handshake to terminate the connection at both ends. Clearly the detector is running:

      14:46:48.195381 IP onms.mydom.com.52636 > print01.mydom.com.ipp: S 4218595545:4218595545(0) win 5840 <mss 1460,sackOK,timestamp 2352565653 0,nop,wscale 7>
      14:46:48.196039 IP print01.mydom.com.ipp > onms.mydom.com.52636: S 449433445:449433445(0) ack 4218595546 win 16384 <mss 1460,nop,wscale 0,nop,nop,timestamp 39554513 2352565653>
      14:46:48.196089 IP onms.mydom.com.52636 > print01.mydom.com.ipp: . ack 1 win 46 <nop,nop,timestamp 2352565653 39554513>
      14:46:49.205409 IP onms.mydom.com.52636 > print01.mydom.com.ipp: F 1:1(0) ack 1 win 46 <nop,nop,timestamp 2352565906 39554513>
      14:46:49.206088 IP print01.mydom.com.ipp > onms.mydom.com.52636: . ack 2 win 17376 <nop,nop,timestamp 39554574 2352565906>
      14:46:49.206378 IP print01.mydom.com.ipp > onms.mydom.com.52636: F 1:1(0) ack 2 win 17376 <nop,nop,timestamp 39554574 2352565906>
      14:46:49.206405 IP onms.mydom.com.52636 > print01.mydom.com.ipp: . ack 2 win 46 <nop,nop,timestamp 2352565906 39554574>

      I've gone over the log thoroughly, and can't find much mention of the detection. All I see is:

      2010-07-16 15:35:50,112 INFO [Provisiond-TaskScheduler] AsyncDetectorRunner: Attemping to detect service IPP on address

      ~~~ snip ~~~

      2010-07-16 15:35:51,123 INFO [NioProcessor-316] IpInterfaceScan$1: Attempted to detect service IPP on address false
      2010-07-16 15:35:51,123 INFO [NioProcessor-316] TcpDetector: calling dispose on detector IPP

      Where I've "snipped", there is no mention of IPP or port 631 at all, I see no other log entries that are relevant. However, if someone deems it necessary to resolve, I will post the whole thing..
      BTW I am logging DEBUG messages for provisiond.

      The fact that I've defined the service detector to retry 2 times, and I only see one connection, also makes me think that the detection is successful.

      Something is wrong somewhere

      I posted this on the mailing group, but one one else seemed to be able to help, so I'm raising this as a bug.

      Please let me know if you require any further information.





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