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Interactive JMX data collection configuration UI



      Configuring JMX data collection is not user friendly. Currently one must:
      Open JConsole,
      connect to JVM,
      browse mbean server until target for collection is found,
      copy-and-paste the name into the vi editor,
      configure the RRD stuff,
      then restart opennms.

      Really? Does it have to be that cumbersome?

      Browsing an mbean server on a discovered JMX server is a trivial task with many examples to be found.
      Re-writing XML files is trivial.
      Reading XML files is trivial.
      Reconfiguring runtime config data beans with new information
      — This one is part of my research into parts of the code base I don't normally look at. I'm hoping to find some kind of life-cycle management on configuration data sources. If not, this could get very interesting....

      I think ease of use is key to adoption rates. Making the act of configuring JVM performance monitoring a point-and-click operation is likely to make for a compelling feature.

      Once it's built, it might even be re-usable for SNMP data collection configuration (think: SNMP MIB browser).




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