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Just opening a foreign-source in the web UI causes it to be written to disk




      This issue created to document the problem for which the following ticket was created:


      Pasting Tina's description of the problem in a nutshell. She's right, of course

      Funky. I deleted all nodes and provisioning groups. Then created a new
      provisioning group (TinaTest0525) and added 3 nodes. Then I edited the
      Default Foreign Source to have all our special interface selections. Then
      hit ³synchronize² on my Provisioning group, where I did not customize the
      foreign source. And the new default foreign source changes didn¹t
      propagate. I checked sweetpea and my directory is showing in the same place
      as before, /opt/opennms/etc/foreign-sources/TinaTest0525.xml

      So for the heck of it, I deleted the xml file from sweetpea. Hit
      synchronize again, and now my provisioning group reflects the default
      source. And it appears in
      /opt/opennms/etc/foreign-sources/pending/TinaTest0525.xml. It¹s like I had
      to delete it to get it in there, period.

      So I updated my Default Foreign Source again (simulating new changes), then
      synchronized my provisioning group, and it moved from
      /opt/opennms/etc/foreign-sources/pending/TinaTest0525.xml to
      /opt/opennms/etc/foreign-sources/TinaTest0525.xml‹reflecting no changes from
      my recent updates, just the changes from my last deletion.

      -----Then I realized what the problem is. If I LOOK at the foreign source
      under my provisioning group, just to SEE if it took the changes, it just
      became CUSTOM. ARGH! No checking work allowed here, LOL. So without
      looking at my work, I know it¹s working now.

      So on a side note, can I suggest an enhancement? If you simply hit ³Edit²
      on a provisioning group using the default foreign source, but make no
      changes, don¹t move from default foreign source. There¹s a <done>, button,
      but no <cancel> or <continue to use default> button. Because someone,
      somewhere, is gonna do exactly what I just did ³look at the foreign source
      under a specific prov group² and end up kicking themselves in the butt, LOL.
      Or maybe put a ³view default foreign source² button as the 3rd option (vs.
      Edit and Clone), so it¹s a little more obvious. Or something that shows
      it¹s using the default foreign source, so you can go look at it, instead of
      hitting <edit>, which is the only way to view what that particular foreign
      source In use. I¹m running out of ideas here and I know these aren¹t the




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