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Terminology around provisioning considered confusing




      Subject: The word "provisioned" considered confusing
      Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2011 13:53:03 -0400
      From: Jeff Gehlbach
      To: A private list of OGP members


      Can we work our way to some kind of consensus about the meaning of
      this word? My understanding has long been that it's a generic,
      daemon-agnostic way to say "added to the system" when referring to a
      node, an interface, or a service. Both Capsd and Provisiond can
      provision nodes, interfaces, and services.

      Lately I'm noticing that some folks seem to assign Provisiond-specific
      meaning to the word, which is understandable considering that
      "provisioned" is just one letter away from "Provisiond" (two if you're
      being case-sensitive as well as the legacy "provisioning groups"
      term. Where this all goes off the rails, though, is when Provisiond
      is used with newSuspect events from the Discovery daemon. The nodes
      added in this way are essentially indistinguishable from nodes added
      by Capsd.

      I'd like to propose that we standardize on the following terms:

      Requisitioned (from "Requisition", formerly "Provisioning Group") to
      describe a node that has a foreign-source name and a foreign-ID.
      Rationale: such a node was surely provisioned by virtue of its model
      appearing in a requisition. This term could also apply to interfaces
      and services (and even node categories), to distinguish between ones
      that appeared beneath the node in the requisition and ones that were
      added by a detector or a policy.

      ??? to describe a node that has neither a foreign-source name nor a
      foreign-ID, regardless of whether it was created by Capsd or
      Provisiond. I need a word for this; "Discovered" is the obvious
      candidate but I hate to use that because it encourages conflation of
      Discovery and Provisioning, which are two separate things. "Detected"
      avoids this conflation and could also apply to interfaces, services,
      and node categories, so maybe that's a winner?

      Sorry if this sounds pedantic, but it's a real and frequent source of
      confusion in support tickets and IRC, presumably on the mailing lists
      too, and I'd like to have it ironed out and codified in the English
      book when it comes out.





            jeffg Jeff Gehlbach
            jeffg Jeff Gehlbach
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