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Unable to manually provision service via GUI without first defining detector



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    • 1.10.0
    • 1.10.1
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      I have been testing out the new 1.10 and one thing I noticed is that if I do not have a detector for the service created under the foreign source I cannot assign the service to the node within the provisioning group because services other than the defined detector are not available. In 1.8, I show all the pollers defined as services to assign not just the one configured as a detector. If I add the detector for the service I want to add to the node then I can add it. In 1.8 and previous I have used this to set the foreign source to discover only the ICMP service for new router interfaces and anything else I would add under the node manually. One of the reasons I want to do this very granular provisioning (for services other than ICMP) is because of services like SSH where I want to add this to servers but not on routers where they could be potentially 100's of SSH services discovered.

      A few work arounds:

      • Add service to node via provision.pl
      • Add the appropriate detector to the foreign source then add the service to the provisioning requisition node then remove the detector once added

      I see the same result with capsd enabled or disabled.



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