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upgrade from 1.8.11 to 1.10.0 breaks provisioning groups and discovery




      After upgrading from 1.8.11 -> 1.10.0, provisioning and discovery are broken or otherwise functioning in an incorrect manner.

      Provisioning groups:

      • Previously-configured manual provisioning groups are present in the GUI ( admin -> Manage Provisioning Requisitions ), but no longer have nodes defined or in the database. Also reported as to have been never modified or synchronized.
      • When you click on edit for any of the provisioning groups the GUI throws an error.
      • The xml config files are still present, with the correct information, in $OPENNMS_HOME/etc/imports
      • Trying to add a new provisioning group ( admin -> Manage Provisioning Requisitions -> Add New Group ) creates the new group without error, but then clicking on edit -> add node throws the GUI error.


      • Immediately after upgrade, discovery no longer obeyed exclude ranges (all previously excluded ranges picked up on initial restart and provisioned).
      • Deleted the bogus nodes, saved and restarted discovery, and then discovery seemed to obey the exclude ranges. The only difference I could see was that discovery.xml had slightly different entries:

      (from a diff)

      • <begin xmlns=""></begin>
      • <end xmlns=""></end>
        + <begin></begin>
        + <end></end>

      Just repeat that for every exclude range.

      • Discovery picked up all nodes defined in the above-mentioned manual provisioning groups, behavior in 1.8.11 was that it would ignore nodes specified there.

      Attached is a part of the jetty.log where the web UI threw an error when trying to edit any provisioning group.




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