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Add a way to use the IP address when building criteria selections for the SNMP interfaces on the SNMP Poller's configuration file.




      In 1.8, it was possible to make a criteria selection using the IP address because there was a field called ipaddr on the snmpinterface table.

      In 1.10, that field was removed from the snmpinterface table, and any existing criteria that uses this field will be broken and there is no way to fix it without code changes.

      The idea is to replace the criteria builder on the SNMP Poller code, to be able to access the IP address field through the ipinterface table, by joining it with the snmpinterface table.

      The problem is that the current code is based on a SQL Restriction. So, in order to use a HQL based JOIN, on a SQL world, is using the alias automatically generated by Hibernate for the joined tables, which is not elegant but works. Of course if the criteria code is changed on the future, the alias might change. For this reason, it is important to add a JUnit test to verify a sample criteria with the IP address in order to be able to prevent failures in the future.

      This feature is related with a customer support ticket 1717.




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