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Nodes with "Most Recent Outages" list




      The current OpenNMS index page shows a list of nodes with most recent outages. It is a handy and quick way to see that there are "recent outages" but its usefulness evaporates quite quickly if the UI is actually being used in a production environment. The reason is simple, everyone that goes that page will be alarmed that there are nodes with outages and start wondering if anything has been done about it and this decreases productivity. Even users that are watching the list have to constantly verify, in some way, that the problem is being addressed.

      I propose that this list be configurable and instead to be have outages as an optional list vs. "un-acknowledged alarms". In this way if someone logs in to the UI and sees something, than can go to the alarm list and acknowledge as well as make notes in the alarm details page (now in 1.11). This should remove the "node" from the "nodes with most recent and "active problems" list on the index page. This improves the workflow and productivity and still provides the value for which the list's creation was intended. It also gives a more accurate list of Nodes with Problems since outages are only created by the Poller and Alarms not only represent these outages but also other problems determined by Traps, Syslog, etc.




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