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"Nodes w/Active Problems" : A new box for the home page based on alarms similar to the Outages Box




      The idea is to have a box on the home page based on active alarms (i.e. non acknowledged alarms) with a severity greater than 3 (i.e., minor, warning, major, critical) to eventually replace the Outages Box.

      An outage will always be displayed until the problem is fixed.

      In some situations, the solution could take time, so it is really annoying to see outage listed on the Outages Box.

      The idea of this new box, is that if I have a situation like that, I can go ahead and acknowledge the alarm (and create a Ticket if the Ticketer Integration is enabled). After doing that, the alarm is no longer an "active problem", so now the "Node w/Active Problems" is not going to display this alarm on the list.

      An operator can also use this box as a pending list of the current issues which is a better approach as the Outages Box, because alarms are more generic and can display all kind of problems (besides the outages) like thresholds or SNMP traps that are critical for the end-user.




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