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The threshold processor doesn't work well with complex JEXL Expressions



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      In theory, the correct way to create a threshold expression for the In/Out Octets from IF-MIB is the following:

      For 5 minutes of data collection interval, any SNMP interface where its speed is greater than 100Mbps (FastEthernet) may wrap, so the threshold expression should use the High Capacity counters (from ifXTable), instead of the standard 32-bits counters (from ifTable). In this case, if the speed is less or equal than 100Mbps the 32-bits counters can be used.

      This is important to know because not all the SNMP Agents supports ifXTable.

      But, if the data collection interval is 15 minutes (instead of 5 minutes), the FastEthernet may wrap between the collection interval, so the rule changes. Now, if the speed is greater than 10Mbps, the 64-bits counters must be used.

      It seems that the following simple formulas can work for each case:

      Speed <= 100Mbps (@5min):

      utilization = ((ifInOctets * 8) / ifSpeed) * 100

      Speed > 100Mbps (@5min):

      utilization = ((ifHCInOctets * 8) / (ifHighSpeed * 1000000)) * 100

      The ifHighSpeed can be used only on interfaces where its speed is greater or equals than 1 Mbps.

      The question is: how can I know which formula must be used on any environment ?

      Well, considering the limitation of the ifHighSpeed, we can try the following:

      utilization = ((ifHCInOctets * 8) / ifSpeed) * 100

      But, ifSpeed is a 32-bits gauge, so that is not going to work on interfaces where its speed is greater than 4Gbps.

      The ultimate solution is to use something like the following:

      ifSpeed > 0 and ifSpeed < 100000000 ? ((ifInOctets * 8 / ifSpeed) * 100) : (ifHighSpeed > 0 ? (((ifHCInOctets * 8) / (ifHighSpeed * 1000000)) * 100) : 0)

      So, if the ifSpeed is greater than 0 and less than 100 Mbps, use the 32-bits version of the formula, otherwise use the 64-bits version of the formula if the ifHighSpeed is not 0 (i.e., interfaces where the speed is less than 1 Mbps), otherwise return 0.

      In case of 15min data collection, replace the first comparison to 10Mbps instead of 100Mbps.

      That formula is 100% valid and is going to work fine with a standalone Apache JEXL.


      The ExpressionConfigWrapper (which uses Apache JEXL to evaluate the expression) has a hack to determinate the variables that must be used on the expression. This hack doesn't work with complex expressions with conditionals, so the complex formula is not going to work with the current versions of OpenNMS.

      This hack is not necessary anymore with JEXL 2.1, because the ExpressionImpl also implements the Script interface which contains a method called getVariables, that provides the required information.

      So, the idea is to upgrade JEXL from 2.0.1 to 2.1.1 and modify the implementation of ExpressionConfigWrapper to provide a better functionality.

      The other benefit of that is that the insane amount of warning on tomcat-internal.log because of the hack on JEXL won't be a problem anymore.




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