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There are graph templates that are not working with RRDtool




      I discovered that some of the new graph templates made for 1.12, are going to work fine with JRobin, but not with RRDtool because they violate the basic syntax of the rrdgraph.

      I saw on filesystem usage graphs related with hrStorageIndex (from Host Resources MIB), that the legends are using a reserved character like ":" wrong. For example:

      GPRINT:dpercent:AVERAGE:"Avg: %7.2lf%s"

      The above line will be fine in terms on JRobin, but not in terms of RRDtool, and actually the RRDtool behavior makes sense.

      As you can see on the above instruction, the SEPARATOR used to define commands and paramters is the character ":". For this reason, in order to properly use that character on the legend like any other character, we MUST escape it, like the following:

      GPRINT:dpercent:AVERAGE:"Avg\: %7.2lf%s"

      But, there is one more thing. In OpenNMS, the templates are going to be places on a Java Properties file, and the "\" character is also a reserved character in Java, so the correct syntax inside the properties file MUST be:

      GPRINT:dpercent:AVERAGE:"Avg\\: %7.2lf%s"

      It is possible that this issue exist on several templates, so the ideal solution should be create a script to validate this particular typical error and fix it.


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