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Search for event from the last hour isn't possible without Event Text



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    • 1.13.0
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      Go to Network Monitoring -> Events -> All Events
      If you want to see only events from the last hour, last 4 hours, last 8 hours, last 12 hours, last day, last week, last month
      you need to enter an "Event Text", if you don4t fill the "Event Text" textfield -
      you will get the message "Please Enter in Event Search Text" and even for any time this box appear.
      In general it works because if you type in the "Event Text" test, you will see no events but the filters are there,
      now you can delete the test filter and the expected result is there.

      We should be able to search just for all events based on time.

      Alejandro requested a issue to be opened on JIRA for this issue.

      Following is update from Alejandro in the ticket https://mynms.opennms.com/Ticket/Display.html?id=2742

      Unfortunately, this is not possible without code changes. Could you please open an OpenNMS issue on our Jira Server (issues.opennms.org) ?


      Put whatever you want on the text field, select the desired time range, and hit "search".
      Then, remove the filter based on the text field, and that's it. You should see the events for the last X hours.

      Alajendro - we know there is a workaround but our customer is requesting for this to be fixed immediately , he is already aware of the workaround.




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