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Topology Page failed to laod in IE browser



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      Login to Junos Space using IE-8 and navigate to "Network Monitoring-->Topology" page, the page does not load. (Note:: I have "Google Chrome Frame" installed)

      Also tried to access topology page using IE-11, where "Google Chrome Frame" is not installed, it prompted to install "Google Chrome Frame", but when we tried to install it, the installation never completed.

      Note:: At the installation page of "Google Chrome Frame", it says :: "We're winding down Chrome Frame, and plan to cease support and updates in January 2014."

      But as per the announcement @ (http://blog.chromium.org/2013/06/retiring-chrome-frame.html), Latest browsers does not require "Chrome Frame".

      Following are the comments from YongHua::

      Topology uses the Google Chrome Frame and Vaadin 7 in current release.
      Now Google don't support the Chrome Frame any more but the Vaadin 7 uses it.

      Per the suggestion by https://developers.google.com/chrome/chrome-frame/
      1. we need to remove the chrome=1 from X-UA-Compatible, but it's hardcoded in Vaadin 7
      2. in Topology code, we need to remove the script to prompt user to install Chrome Frame as well.

      We may remove the #2 in our code to have a try first since we can't do anything for #1 except hacking it.


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