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The rescanExisting flag in Provisiond is not working as expected




      Suppose that you have a requisition, and you want to change the IP of a particular node.

      For performance reason, you want to avoid rescan all the existing nodes because you just want to update an IP, and you want to start monitoring with the new IP as soon as possible.

      If requesting the import (or synchronize) of an existing requisition using the ReST API, you can pass a parameter called rescanExisting with a value of false to instruct Provisiond to skip the scan phase for the existing nodes, for example:

      curl -v -X PUT -u admin:admin http://localhost:8980/opennms/rest/requisitions/Routers/import?rescanExisting=false

      Similar behavior can be achieved when sending a uei.opennms.org/internal/importer/reloadImport event with the parameter importRescanExisting=false:

       /opt/opennms//bin/send-event.pl -p 'importRescanExisting false' -p 'url file:///opt/opennms/etc/imports/Routers.xml' uei.opennms.org/internal/importer/reloadImport

      If the parameter is not passed, Provisiond will assume rescanExisting=true.

      Unfortunately, the database is not being updated when this flag is set to false. You can verify that indeed the scan phase has not been triggered, but the DB was not been updated which is not expected.

      If you don't pass the rescanExisting flag, the DB is updated as expected (verified with 1.12.8 only).




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