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Geo-Maps running on a server without internet connection breaks the UI for valid nodes.



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      Meridian 1.0 Sprint, Horizon - April 5, Horizon - April 12th, Horizon - April 19th, Horizon - April 26th, Horizon - May 3rd


      When Internet is not available, it won't be possible to perform the reverse-geolocation to obtain the coordinates for a given address using either the Google Map API or the Nominatim API.

      Unfortunately, if there are other nodes with valid coordinates, the WebUI is going to be blank (a map without markers) if there is a node with a valid address but no coordinates.

      It seems like when the geocoder cannot reach the remote API, it throws an exception that is not being catched on the server and this prevents the UI to render the rest of the valid nodes.

      It would be better, if the node is ignored when the geocoder cannot retrieve the coordinates. That way, the rest of the nodes can be displayed.

      Also, it would be nice if there is a way to blacklist those nodes (like adding a fake coordinates) to avoid retry on the next attempt to render the maps.


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