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Topology-UI shows CDP links not correct




      In the topology UI the CDP links are shown twice for each direction. The information gathered by enhanced linkd are correct persisted in the database. The .PNG shows the real topology. The xlsx file is a dump with the link data. It seems the Topology UI visualizes a link in both directions which is a weird unexpected behavior.

      The CDP neighborhood data is not discovered correct. The correct topology verified with show cdp neighbor on the CLI is documented in cdp-test.png. The cdplink database dump in XLSX show the wrong detected links and interfaces. The comments show which should be the correct value in the link entry.

      As a network administrator I would like see one CDP link between nodes with the following information on local and remote endpoints:

      • local cdpinterfacename
      • local IP address if available
      • local interface speed if available
      • remote cdpcacheaddress
      • remote cdpcachedeviceplatform
      • remote cdpcachedeviceport
      • remote interface speed if available


        1. cdplink-test.xlsx
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        2. cdp-test.png
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        3. NMM-R1.cisco.snmpwalk.txt
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        4. NMM-R1.snmpwalk.txt
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        5. NMM-R2.cisco.snmpwalk.txt
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        6. NMM-R2.snmpwalk.txt
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        7. NMM-R3.cisco.snmpwalk.txt
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        8. NMM-R3.snmpwalk.txt
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        9. NMM-SW1.cisco.snmpwalk.txt
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        10. NMM-SW1.snmpwalk.txt
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        11. NMM-SW2.cisco.snmpwalk.txt
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        12. NMM-SW2.snmpwalk.txt
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        13. Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 16.49.47.png
          Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 16.49.47.png
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