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Integration test for Syslogd's new-suspect-on-message in Minion environment



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      We need to write an integration test that sends a syslog message to a Minion from an unmanaged IP address while Syslogd's new-suspect-on-message option is set to "true". The test should verify that the node is provisioned and managed. The expected workflow is:

      • A syslog UDP message is sent to a Minion in Location "ABC".
      • The event is serialized as a DTO and sent to the OpenNMS machine.
      • The syslog receiver on OpenNMS will look up the source IP address in the InterfaceToNodeCache and it will not find a node ID for the location/IP address.
      • The syslog receiver will convert the DTO into an OpenNMS event without a node ID.
      • The syslog receiver will generate a newSuspect event for the IP address with Location "ABC".
      • Provisiond will handle the newSuspect event.
      • Detector and SNMP calls during the node scan will be sent over the Minion RPC channels.
      • Provisiond will create a new node marked with Location "ABC" that has a managed interface with the source IP address of the syslog message.
      • All subsequent syslog messages sent from the Minion to OpenNMS should be associated with that node ID by the OpenNMS syslog receiver.




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