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Cleanup events and unused code in capsd, provisiond and Linkd



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      Capsd is removed from the application but the events are still used. For the reason event UEI's are hard coded in the tool capsd events are still there and referenced in the tool and are handled by Provisiond. The Capsd uei events should be renamed to reflect the handling by Provisiond.

      Cleanup dead code / FIXME / TODO methods in Provisioner.java for example:

      • doAddInterface()
      • doChangeService()
      • doNodeScan()
      • doUpdateServer()
      • doUpdateService()
      • getImportSchedule()
      • handleAddNode()
      • handleChangeService()
      • handleDeletedInterface()
      • handleUpdateServer()
      • handleUpdateService()
      • getEventForeignSource()

      Remove unused dead event definitions which still exist from Capsd and cleanup the events which are now handled by Provisiond. This is a followup issue from NMS-7473 and NMS-7520.

      The following Events from capsd are dead and unused:

      • uei.opennms.org/internal/capsd/snmpConflictsWithDb
      • uei.opennms.org/internal/capsd/rescanCompleted
      • uei.opennms.org/internal/capsd/suspectScanCompleted
      • uei.opennms.org/internal/capsd/duplicateIPAddress
      • uei.opennms.org/internal/capsd/xmlrpcNotification

      Capsd Events now handled by Discovery or Provisiond:

      • uei.opennms.org/internal/capsd/discPause
      • uei.opennms.org/internal/capsd/discResume
      • uei.opennms.org/internal/capsd/addNode
      • uei.opennms.org/internal/capsd/deleteNode
      • uei.opennms.org/internal/capsd/deleteInterface
      • uei.opennms.org/internal/capsd/forceRescan

      Deprecated in favour of daemon reload event:

      • uei.opennms.org/internal/discoveryConfigChange

      Other dead and unused events removed:

      • uei.opennms.org/internal/capsd/addInterface
      • uei.opennms.org/nodes/interfaceIPHostNameChanged
      • uei.opennms.org/nodes/thresholdingFailed
      • uei.opennms.org/nodes/thresholdingSucceeded
      • uei.opennms.org/internal/unknownServiceStatus
      • uei.opennms.org/vulnscand/specificVulnerabilityScan
      • uei.opennms.org/internal/linkd/dataLinkFailed
      • uei.opennms.org/internal/linkd/dataLinkRestored
      • uei.opennms.org/internal/linkd/dataLinkUnmanaged
      • uei.opennms.org/ackd/acknowledgment

      Testplan for renamed events

      Tested uei.opennms.org/internal/discovery/pause: Discovery - same behaviour and unimplemented see NMS-6482
      Tested uei.opennms.org/internal/discovery/resume: Discovery - same behaviour and unimplemented see NMS-6482
      Tested uei.opennms.org/internal/provisiond/addNode: Provisiond
      Tested uei.opennms.org/internal/provisiond/deleteNode: Provisiond
      Tested uei.opennms.org/internal/provisiond/deleteInterface: Provisiond
      Tested uei.opennms.org/internal/provisiond/forceRescan: Provisiond
      Tested Discover daemon to add nodes in an IP range
      Tested Provisiond to add nodes from a XML document provided via an HTTP URL


      Maintenance script for database which deletes the events which are not supported anymore
      Maintenance script for database which renames capsd and provisiond events
      Breaking changes notes in changelog for the ones who use deleted events in automations
      Maintenance script for Windows, just added instructions to run the SQL script with psql.exe
      Execute testplan for renamed events


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