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Using maskelements based on nodeID (and maybe other fields) to match event definition doesn't work



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      Horizon - July 5th


      Let's say that you want to have custom event content for the same event definition based on the associated node, for example, provide a custom operator instruction field.

      One way to do this is by creating multiple copies of the event in question, and add to each of this copies a custom mask that would have something like this:


      Then, update the fields that should have a custom content like the operator instruction.

      The only requirement is that these new events are placed on a file referenced before the file on which the original event is defined.

      This used to work as expected until Horizon 19 came out.

      It turns out that HZN-978 has broken this feature. I was able to validate this by reverting the changes of this particular enhancement on a branch of 19.1.0, and the matching feature work again.

      As the changes introduced on HZN-978 are important, the idea here is to make sure to avoid breaking this feature while keeping the enhancements added to H19.




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