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Using varbind to match event definition doesn't work (when using the same UEI in many definitions)



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      Horizon - July 26th


      Similar to NMS-9496, let's say you want to have custom event content for the same event definition based on the content or partial content of a given trap varbind, for example, provide a custom operator instruction field, change the severity, use additional content on the description, etc.

      One way to do this is by creating multiple copies of the event in question, and add to each of this copies a custom varbind inside the maskekement that would have something like this:

        <vbvalue>~^Management server started.*</vbvalue>

      Then, update the fields that should have a custom content like the operator instruction.

      The only requirement is that these events are placedĀ on a file referenced before the file on which the original event is defined; or if they are defined on the same file, the order is important. Of course, that also depends on how the matching is made.

      Similar to NMS-9496, HZN-978 has broken this feature, butĀ the fix for NMS-9496 took in consideration only the mask element, but not the varbinds inside of it.


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