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Topology map node icons vanish (IE10, IE11 only) when alarm status unchecked




      This bug report is meant primarily for documentation / known-issue purposes. A line in the release notes should suffice for resolution.

      Report from customer, verbatim except for minor redactions:

      When editing topology maps in manual mode, the icons of the moved nodes remain in a "strange" colour state, it seems to me in the colour of the highest alarm for this node, see attached file "topology_with_strange_coloured_node_icons.PNG".
      As editing topology maps with alarms and link state "on" is quite slow in a big environment I turned both off.
       Now when I move a node icon the icon is vanishing after moving it. The connections still remain visible, see attached file "topology_with_missing_node_icons.PNG"
      I think both problems have the same root cause, so I just opened one ticket for this.

      Customer follow-up report indicates only some IE versions exhibit this problem:

      Browser: Internet Explorer 11 Version 11.0.9600.18738 Update Version 11.0.44 (KB4025252) shows the problems described in the ticket.

      Client: Windows 10 Microsoft Edge 25.10586.672.0 Edge HTML 13.10589 Working without any problem in topology map

      Browser: Internet Explorer 11 Version 11.1007.10586.0 Update 11.0.44 (KB4025252) shows the problems described in the ticket.

      So obviously only IE (at least in Version 11) is showing this problem. I'm afraid that is nothing you can work around. Made some further investigations: - the vanishing icons appear (or better disappear only when the checkbox for "Alarm status" is not checked - the problem is completely independent from the "Link status" checkbox - the vanished icons are appearing again after pressing the "F5" key to refresh the browser page




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