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Wrong initial message displayed on AngularJS based tables.



    • Horizon - April 18th 2018, Horizon - April 25th 2018, Horizon - May 2nd 2018


      By default, all the AngularJS widgets that include tables shows an initial message, that can confuse users when loading the data through ReST takes time.

      This message is intended to be shown when no data should be displayed (i.e. when the table is empty).

      There is no message displayed when the data is being loaded.

      For this reason, the controllers and the templates should be updated to provide the following functionality:

      • Show the "loading" panel when "loading=true".
      • Do not show the "empty table" panel when "loading=true"
      • Hide the "loading" panel when "loading=false".
      • Show the "empty table" panel when "loading=false" and there is no data.

      Inside the controller,

      • The "loading" flat will be false by default.
      • When the async call to get the data through ReST is executed, the "loading flag" should be set to false when finish (regarding if the ReST call was successful or not).

      As a reference, the requisitions page is implemented this way.

      The widgets that are suffering this problem are:

      • The IP interface table on the node page.
      • The SNMP interface table on the node page.
      • The choose resources page (per node and resource type) prior displaying the graphs.




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