Release Notes - OpenNMS - Version 1.12.2 - HTML format


  • [NMS-6119] - NRTG is not working if storeByForeignSource is enabled
  • [NMS-6125] - Alarm Details for an not existing alarm shows empty page.
  • [NMS-6133] - The Provisioning Rest API is not managing update-dates in requisitions properly
  • [NMS-6165] - Possible thread contention on Collectd due to the checking on datacollection-config changes.
  • [NMS-6229] - Can't update asset records using


  • [NMS-6138] - VMWare Importer: add a flag to ignore IPv4 or IPv6 Interfaces
  • [NMS-6163] - Queries in old class are O(n^2) or worse

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