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Develop Timeseries Integration Layer



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      Original focus of ticket:
      Our APIs for persisting and retrieving time series metrics were originally designed and optimized for rrdtool and variants. We did a number of updates when adding support for Newts, but they are still very RRD centric.

      Since that time, there has been a great increase in the amount of time series databases and persistence solutions available. To name a few:

      • Elasticsearch
      • InfluxDB
      • TimescaleDB
      • Cortex (Prometheus)

      Within the scope of this issue we should review the existing APIs, document their functionality and propose enhancements that would make it easier / possible to integrate with additional time series databases while being able to leverage the features they provide.

      extended focus

      After reviewing the current timeseries implementation we extended the focus of the ticket and decided to add an integration layer for timeseries databases to OpenNMS. The integration layer allows for the easy integration of timeseries databases without knowledge of the inner workings of OpenNMS. The implementation of a simple interface is sufficient:

      New database integrations can be added via OSGI Plugin. Examples:

      The integration layer can be activated via opennms.properties:


      Additionally to that an actual implementation of needs to be started via karaf shell. See the description in the above mentioned plugins for more information.

      Pull Requests:

      Integration API:




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